LifeCycle Power Turbine Technology

Your Own On-site Power Generation

IronCreek is the exclusive Canadian supplier of LifeCycle Power turbine systems. These innovative generators use excess flare gas (or, with some models, solar cells) in closed-loop systems to create on-site power, freeing you from reliance on grids in remote areas.

The Benefits of LCP Turbines

Environmental Impact

  • Captures gas flares and reduces 70-90% of the emissions created from pipelines.
  • Replaces diesel fuel cost and transportation.
  • Portable and customizable, so they can be used on a range of sites with varying power needs.

Safety for Employees and Infrastructure

  • Reduces noise pollution on-site.
  • Maintenance provided by IronCreek can be completed on-site with less interruption.
  • Bio-fuel, such as diesel, can still be used with the turbines if necessary.

Financial Savings

  • Federal Canadian carbon tax credits are available for this technology.
  • Rent or buy based on your financial situation.
  • Lower than average maintenance costs – only 10 hours of maintenance per year.

With the environmental, safety, and financial advantages, the LCP system is great for Canadian oilfield operators that work in remote areas.

Scott Kerr – President & CEO