Rig Mats for Construction, Mining, and Oil & Gas

Ideal for areas with unstable ground where further foundational support is needed, these environmentally friendly mats are designed to support heavy equipment and machinery. Each is manufactured with a three-beam design for higher durability and stability in the field.


  • Pipeline operations
  • Tank and camp foundations
  • SAGD
  • Conventional or pad drilling
  • Frac locations
  • Production facilities
  • Environmentally sensitive applications


  • 20’ x 8’: 3200-3500 lbs
  • 40’ x 8’ (threebeam): 6700-7000 lbs
  • Load capacity of 35,000+ lbs/sq. ft.
  • Steel, wide-flange construction
  • 5 ton rating for lifting shackles
  • Reinforced side lifting pockets
  • Pipe ends
  • Spruce covering
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