Oilfield Equipment Rentals & Services

Environmental Cuttings Management

When you’re drilling or excavating, disposing of the waste material is an important part in keeping your site running smoothly. Our experienced operators are familiar with every step of the process, and can ensure compliance and safety from the initial groundbreaking through to loading, sawdust placement, environmental reporting, and other support.

With the largest excavators available in the industry, we have a high lift capacity and more versatility around your rigs, while maintaining a lower ground disturbance compared to an on-site loader. The cuttings bins are fully 4-walled and contained, reducing your risk of environmental exposure or contamination. We go to great lengths to make sure that our cuttings management services prevent regulatory and logistic difficulties, letting you focus on getting your work done properly.

Benefits of IronCreek Cuttings Management

  • The industry’s largest excavators at your service, with 30” reach picker ability
  • Pipe handling forks and grapples
  • Increase your overall rig and site efficiency
  • A dedicated, 24-hour on-site operator (along with a backup if needed)
  • Able to handle pipes, collars, and loading/unloading trucks
  • Maintenance and snow removal on job sites
  • Assist with setup/teardown of rigs
  • Post-well environmental reporting
  • Excavators equipped with safety backup cameras
  • 4-sided environmental mixing bins

Surface Equipment Rentals

The last thing you need to worry about when you’re trying to get a job done is whether you have the right equipment to do it. We provide a wide variety of multi-purpose rentals to suit your specific requirements, ranging from bins and racks to storage tanks and mats.

We also provide a revolutionary safety device, the IronLight™ Safety Exclusion Zone, which illustrates the clearance area around heavy machinery with bright red hazard lighting and helps reduce accidents and injuries.

IronCreek shale bins for rent
Shale Bins
Rent rig mats from IronCreek
Rig Mats
400 BBL Tanks
400 BBL Tanks
FLOC Tanks
Pipe Racks
Photo of the IronLight™ system
IronLight™ Safety Exclusion Zone

IronCreek Trucking

We have a heavy-duty bed truck with a 300” single steer bed, and a tandem winch truck capable of hauling up to 30 tons. They are both equipped with tridem trailers, making transportation of our equipment to your site logistically easy, and we are able to haul loads from sites ranging from northern BC through to Saskatchewan.

Jason Lange – VP Operations