Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Low-Impact Horizontal Drilling Across Western Canada

Traditionally, laying cable or pipeline across many kilometres of landscape has its share of challenges – from nearby development and infrastructure to weight limits, surface obstacles, or environmental concerns. As a result, digging trenches to bury conduits can be expensive.

Horizontal directional drilling solves all of those problems at once. Whether in extremely remote areas or high-traffic urban neighbourhoods, our HDD team uses specialized equipment to drill boreholes ranging in size from 18mm to 12” wide. With minimal surface disturbance and pinpoint accuracy, it removes the need for heavy excavation and digging and streamlines the entire conduit process.

Benefits of IronCreek HDD

  • A team with 50+ years of collective horizontal drilling experience in a variety of industries
  • A heavy-duty, reliable fleet:
    • Ditch Witch JT10, JT20, and JT30 (x2)
    • Rival Hydrovac and Tornado Hydrovac
    • CAT 420 BackhoeAT 236D3 Skidsteer
    • Auxiliary trucks and equipment
  • A record of safety, efficiency, and unparalleled quality results

Jeff MacPhee – General Manager